Sweltering On The Course

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- The heat wave is expected to ease soon, but some people are not running away from the heat. Instead, they're embracing it.

One group we caught up with wasn't going to let the heat spoil their afternoon on the links.

Every Friday, a group of friends meets to play a round of golf at Water Gap Country Club in Delaware Water Gap, and this week, they weren't letting the heat wave stop them from heading to the green.

"We look forward to this every week and today, just because of the heat, it doesn't mean we're not going to play," said Jim Carey of New Jersey.

For Jack Cawley, at first he wasn't sure the group was actually going to play, but then realized there's no way out.

"I have to play with these guys every Friday, it's our ritual."

It's a ritual, Cawley says, he doesn't mind.

This game is also something Joe Spina makes sure to schedule every week no matter the weather.

"I work a half day until noon then I come out and play golf in the afternoon with my buddies over here," said Joe Spina of Mount Bethel.

Around noon, the group of three were the only ones teeing off. They've been playing golf together for years and say there's no way a heat wave will get between them and the game.

But when Newswatch 16 asked if they group will be playing all 18 holes…

"I hope not," laughed Cawley.

"I'm a die hard," said Spina. "I might do it."

"No, probably just stop at ten. Ten comes back to the clubhouse," Cawley explained. "Probably sit here and have a nice cold beer."

The guys likely didn't finish their game, but one thing they made sure of was take it slow on the course and make sure they were hydrated.