UPDATE: Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck by Truck

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PORT CARBON -- A man was killed early Thursday by a truck in Schuylkill County.

Some people are puzzled about the circumstances.

State police said the victim, Sean Malone, 40, is from Port Carbon. He died about a mile from his home this morning.  Malone was a veteran and married about a year.

Neighbor Kim Vingoinski was shocked to hear about the death.

"It's horrible! I really don't know him much. They were quiet and we didn't see them often. That's a shame that they're newly married, it's a shame."

Officials say about seven hours before he died, Malone was admitted to Schuylkill Medical Center. It's not clear why.  He left around midnight.

According to officials, Sean Malone was walking from the hospital on Route 209. The coroner's office says he was in the middle of the road wearing dark clothing when it appears he went to pick up something.  That's when the truck hit him. The trucker says he didn't see him until it was too late.

Neighbor Kim Melochick lives near the Malone's.

"It's a horrible thing. It's a horrible tragedy to see and hear something like that." Melochick said.

Annie Haslam is from nearby Palo Alto. She says it not unusual to see pedestrians on the section of road where Sean Malone was killed.

"We saw a girl walking the other day. It was daylight but it's a desolate road but there is no place to walk, no safe place to walk."

Sean Malone leaves behind a wife and family.  His wife declined to talk on camera but says they were married on Sean Malone's birthday.