Pool Open In Time For All The Heat

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NEW MILFORD -- A community pool that was a little late to open this summer in Susquehanna County started the season just in time for all the hot weather.

The only public pool in the county was packed Wednesday with kids grateful that the pool in New Milford found a way to open.

The splash into this summer season was a little delayed at the public pool in New Milford, but the pool full of kids certainly was glad the place found a way to open before the season really heated up.

"I felt great, I felt excited to be here," said Mya Snyder.

The now-happy kids were some anxious kids a few weeks ago when the pool was closed.

"Every single day I would hear, 'Is the pool going to open? Is the pool going to open?' and I'd say, 'One more day, one more day, give me one more chance,'" said pool manager Shawn Carey.

A month ago, we told you about the delay in opening because of pool repairs and the struggle to find lifeguards.

"Ever since the story aired, we got some more lifeguards and once we got that, the pool was ready to be open," said Carey.

"This is actually my first week working here this summer," said lifeguard Katie Longacre. "It's been very busy, but I've enjoyed watching the kids and playing along with them, too."

Longacre is in her fourth year lifeguarding at the pool, but wasn't available when the season started.

"I was out of the country for two months," Longacre said.
"Now you're back and here?"
"And loving it!

On a day like this, the water is hard to resist and with it this hot and the water feeling so good it's hard to remember the early season struggles here.

"I think it's really good, because it's super-hot today and I was waiting for the bus and I was like, 'oh my gosh, I'm going to die!!'" said Kaelin Hughes

On this hot day, some kids were pool regulars; others were there celebrating the end to a summer program at Blue Ridge School District. All were just glad the only public pool in the county opened for fun in the sun.

"It was exciting because then you got to know you could come to the pool every day," said Brock Gumear.

The pool's manager says they have enough lifeguards to be open for the rest of the season and he stresses there is plenty of swimming left to do this summer.