Families Head to Knoebels To Stay Cool

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ELYSBURG -- The hot and humid weather this week has families finding ways to stay cool in the sun.

On Wednesday, we stopped by Knoebels Amusement Resort near Elyburg where the pool was also packed with people trying to stay cool.

"This summer, it's been, like, rainy so this was going to be the only day it was going to be hot and nice," said Jessica Franquet of Milton.

The forecast had families near and far hitting the road early to travel to Knoebels as a way to cool off and take a break from the heat.

"Because it's hot and I love the pool here."

"Because I wanted to go swimming!"

And even though the pool was packed, kids say it was still refreshing.

"It's good. It's cold when you first get in but it's hot when you are moving around."

At Knoebels they're actually pumping water into the 900,000 gallon pool from local streams keeping the water cool for everyone.

"We draw from there which keeps the water nice and cool on these kinds of days."

Joe Muscato the spokesperson for Knoebels says so far this summer attendance has been low. That is, up until this week.

"This has certainly been the busiest stretch so far this summer. We've had other years with this kind of stretch. You see the same kind of things but this is the peak."

Muscato believes the cooler weather up until now is to blame for low attendance. But he says this week families have been packing the pool looking for some relief.

"This weather could have been more-least desired but it's pretty good when you're able to sit here in the pool," said Debbie Bosack of Lebanon County.