Students Protest Zimmerman Verdict

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BLOOMSBURG -- The George Zimmerman verdict is also stirring up emotions here at home.

Students at Bloomsburg University came together Tuesday afternoon to protest the jury's decision.

"For somebody to just lose their life over something so simple that could have been prevented to me, that's just dumb and it's wrong. It's very unfair for someone to lose their life over an assumption that turned out wrong," said student Bobby Byrd.

A group of about 30 students gathered together in front of Carver Hall at Bloomsburg University protesting the verdict. Many students followed the case beginning to end, and now are speaking out about the jury's decision.

"Once they said the case was self-defense then you already knew what was going to happen at the end of the trial," said Rashon Nelson.

Even though the town of Bloomsburg may be thousands of miles from Sanford, Florida students say they knew they had to find a way to show support for Trayvon Martin here at home.

"There's only but so many of us who have the courage to step up and speak. The fact that we're able to do so putting ourselves at risk is amazing to me," said Lasharee Snyder.

The protest was peaceful. Students walked through campus in silence, hoping everyone remembers the 17 year old lost in this tragedy.

"Especially since he got off, people are just going to try and forget about it and we don't want to do that," said Breyuan Robinson.

"This isn't the only case that something like that has happened," said Austin Brooks.