Inmate To Stand Trial For Murder Of Corrections Officer

SCRANTON -- An inmate accused of killing a corrections officer at a federal prison in Wayne County earlier this year was in court Tuesday.

Authorities arraigned Jessie Con-ui on murder charges at the federal courthouse in Scranton.

Con-ui pleaded not guilty to murdering Corrections Officer Eric Williams of Nanticoke.

The inmate is now scheduled to stand trial in Wilkes-Barre in September.

The family of Eric Williams sat in the federal court house in Scranton watching as Con-ui was arraigned through a video conference from the jail where he's being held.eric williams

It was nearly five months ago when Williams, a corrections officer from Nanticoke, was repeatedly stabbed and killed at the federal prison near Waymart.

Federal investigators say Con-ui used a sharp weapon and stabbed Eric Williams repeatedly on February 25.

Con-ui is charged with first degree murder, first degree murder of a corrections officer, and possession of contraband.

Former county corrections officer and current Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O'Malley also sat in on the arraignment of Con-ui and says he wanted to show his support for a fellow fallen officer.

"I just felt for the family.  Corrections officers are unsung heroes. Nobody knows the type of work they do behind those walls all the time and I was here, I wanted to show support for the family," said O'Malley.

Con-ui could be facing multiple life sentences or the death penalty if found guilty.

The trial is scheduled to begin in Wilkes-Barre in September.


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