Child, Family Members Rescued From Roaring Brook

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NAY AUG PARK---Scranton fire officials said what happened near the Kanjorski Bridge in Nay Aug Park Tuesday was a very close call.

They said a woman, her young son and her brother were off the walking trail near the bridge when the young boy fell into Roaring Brook.

The child`s mother panicked and jumped in, even though recuers said she cannot swim.

Her brother jumped in to help her and thankfully a good samaritan nearby saw it all happen, according to authorities.

"The three of them were in the water in distress and luckily a male who is a good swimmer that was on-scene, 25 to 30 years old, I'd say went in and got them and had them and had them out of the water on the rocks," said Assistant Scranton Fire Chief Jeff White.

That good samaritan did want to comment, but rescue workers said if he had not been there, people would have drowned.

Swimming and even hiking in the area off the walking trail is illegal, but that does not keep people away.

Shortly after the rescue, more than a dozen people were back in the area, on the rocks and splashing in the water.

City police warned them to go.

The swimming pool at Nay Aug Park is just a short distance away, but some said they understand wanting to swim for free, even if it is dangerous.

"Honestly I think they should lower the price at nay aug so other kids can come and swim and not take othere resources to go and swim and jeopordize their life," said Loren Mattern of Dunmore.

"I have swam in a creek before and I seriously didn't think it was safe at all. I just did it because my friends were doing it instead of going somewhere safe where there is protection," said Leeann Mattern of Dunmore.

"It's treacherous. People really shouldn't be swimming, there's a pool a couple hundred yards over there where they can go swimming, here the rocks are very slippery," said Scranton Fire Lt. Brian Scott.

"This definitely could have been a fatality."