Air Conditioner Meltdowns in Heat Wave

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY – Air conditioner melt downs are causing many people looking to beat the heat, calling up repair services for help.

There wasn’t too much to smile about this morning at this dentist’s office in Scranton, workers say as they opened their front doors, the heat hit them hard.

"I came in this morning and it felt like it was an oven and I was like oh my gosh what happened," said Administrative Assistant Ellie Krul.

Their air conditioner wasn’t working. This air conditioner break down is one of many that Wayne Pisanchyn and his crews have been repairing during some of the hottest days of this summer.

“When you get three of anything in a row, three cold zero degree days or three very hot days in a row, at that point, it becomes that hectic or very unbearable amount of calls," said Wayne Pisanchyn of Wayne Pisanchyn Plumbing and Heating.

Between business and homes, Pisanchyn says his workers are answering up to as many as four to five times the number of service calls as usual.

As workers are out busy repairing broken AC's throughout the area, they are also working hard to keep themselves cool.

Coolers stuffed with ice and cool drinks are essential, and any work done up in crawl spaces or attics is done first thing in the morning, otherwise it’s nearly impossible.

"If you were to go into an attic there's no doubt it's 130, 140 degrees easily in an attic today, basically you can't work in that," said Pisanchyn.

Even with the high demand for air conditioner repairs, these workers say they’re keeping their cool and are trying to respond to every repair.

"You try to be as compassionate as you can, and try to schedule, but we try to let the people know if we can do it or not as soon as we can,” said Pisanchyn.