Man Arrested For Deadly Hit and Run

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WEST NANTICOKE---Family members said 73-year-old Richard "Dick" Stadts was biking to the store for milk and bread last August when he was hit by a vehicle.

The driver took off, leaving Stadts, known to loved ones as the "Mayor of West Nanticoke" along route 11 in Plymouth Township.

He was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Investigators said a witness wrote down the license plate of the vehicle that hit Stadts. Information that led police to 20-year-old Matthew Perkins of Hunlock Creek.

"If it wasn't for the person they probably would never have caught him and I am so thankful he came forward beause it would have been one of those that were out there and they never would have caught anybody so we are very thankful," said Stadt's niece Joanne Marusak.

Almost a year since Stadts died, Perkins has been charged with homicide by motor vehicle and involuntary manslaughter.

"It's been 11 months, we felt like he was all but forgotten except by those who knew him, so to hear there was finally an arrest, it's a relief. But there's still a long road ahead," said Jody Stadts, a niece.

Stadts family said what they lost last August an never be replaced, but they are thankful someone is being held responsible for Stadts death.

"We want justice but no matter what the outcome may be, it will never bring our uncle back and it will never bring back the time we were robbed out of having with him," said Stadts.