Investigators: Money Stolen From Tax Office

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POTTSVILLE -- Stolen taxpayers' money and the man authorities say took it are the subject of an investigation at Pottsville City Hall.

The tax office in city hall has one fewer employee.  The mayor said the man worked for eight years in the office. Investigators believe he stole just under $2,000 in tax money.

Mayor John Reiley said the man violated the public trust.

"Betrayal! With my quarter century of service with the city, this is the only problem while I was in office," Reiley said.

The mayor said the man under investigation has been suspended without pay.

"We decided to discharge him but we can't discharge him until charges are filed by the district attorney's office"

Prosecutors aren't sure office when charges will be filed.

Taxpayer Maryann Clouser said she's frustrated over the accusations.

"Disgusted! Because you're supposed to be able to be trusted. It's your hard-earned money and you're paying your way and they have decent jobs, that make decent money. It's just not right."

Clouser's husband Albert said stealing from public organizations is all too common.

"I see more and more of it with different tax collecting. It's almost everywhere anymore."

City officials say the discrepancy was caught during a routine audit and there's no word on how the money was spent.