Handling The Sizzling Summer Heat

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SCRANTON -- The hot and humid weather that we're getting this week has a lot of people looking for ways to stay cool.

We haven't seen that much heat and humidity so far this summer, so on Monday we traveled to Scranton to see how people are staying cool on this first day of our latest heat wave.

"We try to be smart and just make sure that the campers are having fun even though it's hazy, hot and humid."

For Ron Ulias, co-director of the Pacesetter Athletic Club, this summer has been a treat. The relatively mild weather up until now has made coaching camp at McDade Park in Scranton pretty easy.

But now that the sizzling heat has arrived, "we certainly encourage them to remember their ABC's, to always be cool in the hot temps."

"We're expecting to have some tough days but as long as we stay hydrated, have some fun, you know, I'm sure we'll be out here," said camp counselor Corrina Palko.

Camp counselor Kiera Dietz says staying hydrated this week is something she's also emphasizing to her youngsters.

"Just so that the kids understand if they're not drinking water then they are going to get headaches and their stomach is going to hurt and that way you know they stay healthy."

And while this might be some of the hottest weather we've seen so far this summer, those who work outside say there's one thing to keep in mind when the summer heat arrives.

"A lot of ice water breaks."

Crews working along Keyser Avenue in Scranton were also doing their best to stay cool as they worked to replace some water lines.  Crews we talked to say working in the summer heat is nothing new but workers like Ron Itterly are hoping for a better outlook this summer.

"Hopefully not this much heat, but a mild summer is nice," Itterly said.

Of course with this weather it's important to always stay hydrated but some other tips to keep in mind are to not leave any pets in your car, even if you try to crack the window.

Also if you have any elderly neighbors, you should check in with them this week making sure they're OK.