Truck Leaves Trail Of Damage In Orangeville

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ORANGEVILLE -- A big truck left a trail of destruction Thursday in Columbia County. It plowed through an intersection in Orangeville and took out a car, a truck, a swing set, and more along the way.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

We talked to the owner of the totaled car and truck about all the damage.

A PhotoLink picture shows the end result: a truck hauling asphalt crunched against a tree in Orangeville.  But before it got there it left quite a mess.

"Actually we were watching the news at 4:30,  heard a loud bang and it was a loud explosion and come running out and came out to see if anyone was hurt or what happened," said Jimmy Mullen of Orangeville.

Mullen showed us the path of destruction outside his home along Main Street. He says the truck was coming down Route 93, didn't stop and plowed right through the intersection, right into the yard where he parked his vehicles.

His pickup truck and car were totaled.

The front of the wrecked truck that caused it all is crushed, the front axle snapped.  But a lot of people are feeling fortunate.

"It totaled both of them, but they can be replaced. A human life can't."

He's especially relieved kids that were playing on this crushed swing set just a half hour before were gone when the truck came through.

"This was pretty big. I never witnessed anything like this until now. I wouldn't have wanted to be in the path."

There are concrete barriers just in case a vehicle comes through the intersection, but obviously that didn't work.  In fact, one part was carried with the truck as it plowed through.

While all the wrecked vehicles were pulled away, the trail of the truck is easy to see.

Mullen says it's hard not to think of what could have happened.

"You just thank God that it wasn't turning out that way."

Police are still investigating to see why the truck didn't stop.

The driver only had minor injuries.