Landscapers Scramble During Busy Season

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HAZLETON -- All the rain and sunshine recently has been good for planting and for landscapers.

Landscaper Joe Medvitz has been making a living in landscaping for 40 years. Ten years ago, he left a company he was with and started a company of his own. This time of year he's especially busy.

"Your grass will die back a little bit, depending on the amount of rain we get throughout the summer but I'll be busy with trimming for at least another two months," Medvitz said.

He says although he's busy, he has seen the effects of the economy.

"Some people are cutting back on certain things because of the economy, they might not mulch every year or this or that."

Homeowner Ron Frank says he appreciates what Medvitz does.

"(It's) too much to physically take care of, and when you plant these things you don't realize how big they're going to get and how much work you're going to have in the years to come."

In nearby Butler Township, we found the O'Donnell family doing their own landscaping. They were shoveling mulch to beautify their yard.

"Pulling weeds, getting ready for my sons graduation party on Saturday," said Margaret O'Donnell. "(The grass) is doing good we could use more rain."

Some say if you own a home you can hire a landscaper or do it yourself, but no matter what you decide, it's a never-ending job.