Woman Attacked, Robbed in Broad Daylight in Scranton

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A 19-year-old woman was only feet away from her home walking along Broadway Street in Scranton when police said two men with their faces covered came up to her looking to take something of hers. A pair of headphones that cops said cost her close to $200.

When she refused and kept walking, police said the men went into attack mode and punched her until the could take the headphones by force. 

It’s when and where the crime happened that has people talking.

“They’re expensive, so I’m not too surprised about that, I’m surprised it happened here,” said Nafis Stewart of Scranton.

Police said it was around 4:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday when the woman was attacked in broad daylight right by an entrance to the Lackawanna Heritage Trail. It’s a place that’s usually very busy during a summer afternoon, but police said there weren’t any witnesses to the alleged crime.

“I don’t wear headphones so I can hear people behind me, and I’m on the lookout. But, if you’re walking alone I’d imagine there are some unsafe times,” said Deborah Bell of Scranton.

The news had some people Newswatch 16 spoke to taking an extra look over their shoulders as they headed down the heritage trail. Especially since cops don’t have any leads on who the two alleged robbers might have been.

Police said the victim is OK. She described the robbers as a man in his 30’s wearing a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, and another man in his 20’s wearing a white shirt and black shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton Police.