The Arts Making a Comeback

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NANTICOKE -- This fall, you may hear music coming from the halls of the Nanticoke elementary schools. You may also see kids running and playing outside. Music, physical education, and art are making a comeback here in Nanticoke.

"I'm thrilled that they'll have those back. I think the arts are a very important part of education," said Trish Suchocki, of Nanticoke.

These programs were cut from the elementary schools in Nanticoke two years ago because of budget cuts. Two teachers and an aide lost their jobs. Now they'll be back, thanks to reworked contracts and cutting back on some supplies.

The superintendent says he tried to cut corners wherever he could to ensure that these programs would return here and parents say they're happy to know their kids will be getting a well-balanced education.

"They'll be probably a lot more happier that they'll be able to exercise a lot more and that they can draw and do all the creative things they're supposed to do as kids," said Stephanie McRoy, of Nanticoke.

Trish Suchocki lives in Nanticoke. Her daughter Zoe starts kindergarten in the district next month. Zoe seems to be quite the artist.

"Sometimes a long time ago, I made a house, and I made a bug picture with lots of blue to make it like they're camouflaging," said Zoe Suchocki, of Nanticoke.

Trish says she's happy Zoe will now get to take art classes.

"She's very artistic already. I'd like her to continue with that, have some instruction in that area," said Suchocki.