Still Looking for Work

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LOCK HAVEN -- More than 100 job seekers turned out to a job fair in Clinton County Thursday afternoon.

Nearly all of them were former employees of two Lock Haven businesses laid off without warning last month.

People were lined up out the door waiting to get in the job fair at the Lock Haven Hospital.

Inside were nearly two dozen employers that state employment officials hope will help get the unemployed back on the job.

More than 100 people found themselves without a job last month when Fenco and Lock Haven Distribution up and closed without notice.

"We've been working with those individuals since day one at the CareerLink office in Lock Haven, we've been helping with resumes and job clubs to knock some of that rust off," said Bruce Jones with CareerLink.

The PA CareerLink office organized the job fair for everyone but especially the former auto parts employees.

People like Courtney Andrus. We met her last month, eight months pregnant, and suddenly out of work.

Little Riley is nearly two weeks old, and came with his mom as she looked for new work.

"He came a month early, I wasn't suspecting, I thought I'd have a job by then," said Andrus. "I can't afford to pay someone to watch him."

In addition to all the other folks out there looking for work, the people at Fenco and Lock Haven Distribution were laid off without notice last month. To boot, they were not paid their final paychecks. So in addition to losing that paycheck, their bills are starting to pile up, those folks say they need work and soon.

"I can't go much longer without work, I need to find a job, it's terrible," said Dusty Batschelet.

It's been one month since the two businesses closed in Lock Haven and the job search continues for those former workers.