Volunteers Help Stabilize Creek

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Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, a nature group, is working with the state to stabilize creeks in the Susquehanna Valley. Work started this week on Little Shamokin Creek near Paxinos.

"To put in stream habitat structures that will stabilize the stream banks while also providing some aquatic habitat and improving the bug life in the creek," Renee Carey said.

Renee Carey is the executive director at the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy. She calls the Little Shamokin Creek "agriculturally impaired".

"The sediment blocks the gills on the insects and fish and the chemicals can change the water chemistry a bit," Carey said.

Many of the people working on this project are local volunteers. That not only keeps the cost of the project down, it gives these local volunteers a sense of ownership and awareness of the stream.

"Putting in a lot of mud sill and vanes to help with fish habitat and stream flow," Michael Schlauch said.

Michael Schlauch interns at the Northumberland County Conservation District. He and the other volunteers enjoy helping stabilize Little Shamokin Creek.

"I'm having a blast out here working with Fish and Boat and DEP. It's a good experience for me," Schlauch said.

"It's actually pretty exciting. I frequent this stream to trout fish so to be able to create a habitat for the fish and keep the stream banks from eroding it's pretty nice," Ryan Beaver said.

The public is invited to tour the construction site and learn more about creek stabilization. The work is being done just off Irish Valley Road near Paxinos.