New Boat Launch And Park Project Boost For Shickshinny

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SHICKSHINNY -- A new boat launch and park are now open in Shickshinny and officials say it will be a big boost to the local economy.

The several thousand dollar project is expected to attract dozens of people for the summer and be a big help for local rescue efforts, as well.

A boat ride down the Susquehanna River and a view of the hills surrounding it can now be something lots of folks can more easily enjoy in Shickshinny.

"We are now open for business, so anyone with a boat, with interest in fishing, interest in using the water can come here," said Shickshinny Mayor Beverly Moore.

Thanks to $340,000, most of which came from state and federal money, the boat launch, handicapped accessible ramp and floating dock were all made possible.

A new addition will also help the Shickshinny fire department and other area companies with their rescue efforts.

"About a half mile up the road is a man-made launch and it was hard at night to get down in here. With this being wide open and the lighting, it will be easier, better access," said Shickshinny Assistant Fire Chief Ryan Morris.

"This offers them a safe access to the river, a complete turnaround for them, so they can drop their hoses, load up and then move back out," Moore added.

Having access to the river is not all this project will provide.  There is also a brand new playground and parking area with solar powered lights, and trails for biking, all free and open to the general public.

"This setting offers the perfect place to just sit, relax, take in the scenery, watch the river, enjoy the river," Moore said.

A man who has lived in Shickshinny most of his life agrees.

"I love it. We're going to use this. We fish out there all the time. We're going to take advantage of it," said Marvin Shoemaker.

The new park and launch are off Canal Street in Shickshinny.