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Murder Charge Against Pocono Couple

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- A couple from Monroe County are locked up after state police say they neglected a 70-year-old woman who was in their care so badly that she died from dehydration  and other complications nearly two years ago.

John Tedesco, 43, and his wife Tina, 37, of Saylorsburg were charged Tuesday.

Police say that in August of 2011, John Tedesco called 911 saying his elderly aunt wasn't breathing. When the ambulance arrived she had died.

Tedesco referred to the victim, Barbara Rabins, 70, as his aunt who he met years ago when she was a tenant of his. The Tedesco's then became Rabins, caretaker. But when an autopsy was done, a pathologist found Rabins in a dirty diaper with open bed sores and fecal matter under her fingernails.

In 2011 the coroner ruled Barbara Rabins manner of death pending.

Then last month, a grand jury recommended the Tedescos be charged with third degree murder.

Prosecutors believe Rabins was living alone in a nearby apartment where she was listed as a tenant.

Inside, police found blankets with fecal matter and stained couch cushions.

Prosecutors believe Rabins died inside that apartment then was taken to the Tedesco home and that's when, police say, John Tedesco called 911.

According to court papers, troopers say John and Tina Tedesco who live near Saylorsburg, were spending more than $110,000 of their aunts trust fund on things like family vacations."

Some neighbors said they are shocked.

"I wouldn't take them for that at all. They just didn't' seem like those type of people," said Melissa Stametz of Saylorsburg.

"They did kind of keep to themselves, but they were there if a neighbor needed help," said Pat Clifford of Saylorsburg.

"I wouldn't suspect them of anything like that," Stametz added.

The charges against the Tedescos include third degree murder, neglect of a care-dependent person, criminal conspiracy and theft.

According to court papers, Tina Tedesco admitted to police she never changed the victim's diapers, and that the woman's social security payments were deposited directly into her account.

She also stated the victim's trust fund paid the couples rent.

Authorities say at the time of her death, Rabins had lost 100 pounds.

Both Tina and John Tedesco are locked up in the Monroe County prison.