Lewisburg Farmers Market Not Fazed By Rain

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- We have seen our fair share of wet weather over the past few weeks but the showers don't seem to keep people away from a Wednesday tradition near Lewisburg.

Vendors set up shop at the Lewisburg farmers market every Wednesday, and farmers believe the rain is actually helping business.

Every Wednesday, dozens of people flock to the Lewisburg farmers market and this Wednesday was no different.

"We come down here every Wednesday and stock up on the good, fresh vegetables for the week, make it a weekly trip," Idona Artman of Muncy.

"I just sooner come over here to get out a little bit," said Jerry Moyer of Beavertown.

Even a little rain did not seem to stop shoppers from partaking in their weekly ritual.

"We come down rain or shine.  Snow, sleet, whenever it's open, we're here," said Artman.

Vendors set up at the Lewisburg farmers market every Wednesday, rain or shine.  Since the market is mostly outdoors, some farmers worry the rain will negatively affect business.

"The weather pattern has been back in the winter, if it didn't snow on a Tuesday it snowed on a Wednesday.  Now we're into rainy Wednesdays," said Wilford Haupt from Haupt Produce Farm.

Most farmers say the dedicated shoppers seem to come regardless of the weather.

"We have our regular customers and they come no matter what, so it hasn't really affected it much," said Andrew Rauch.

Most of the farmers we spoke with say the hot, humid, wet weather has been good for their produce.  One vendor says they've actually had to lower the price of corn because it's growing too quickly."

"The biggest problem is the corn is growing too fast so it's going to be hard on our profits," said Rauch.

"The vine crops thrive in the hot and humid weather, like the cucumbers, pumpkins, they're growing well.  We grow a lot of lettuce and some of that actually rotted in the heat and humidity, so it varies," Haupt added.

The Lewisburg farmers market is open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday year round, rain or shine.