UPDATE: Home Gutted By Fire

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Fire ripped through a home in Monroe County Wednesday morning.

It started around 10:30 a.m. in the place along Analomink Street in East Stroudsburg.

Firefighters said everyone inside made it out safely. According to neighbors, some passersby helped the people inside get out.

Flames quickly took over the home on Analomink Street in East Stroudsburg.  Fire crews said did what they could, but the fire was spreading fast, forcing neighbors out of their homes.

"I heard more yelling and I looked out my kitchen window and I saw flames," said Laura Quintiliani.

The yelling was coming from someone living inside the house caught the attention of Andrew Young who lives next to the burning home. He was just heading to work around 10:30 in the morning.

"Then I looked up and saw smoke and the fire and I ran out back and saw the first kid. He told me there's more people inside. That's when I ran around front and the front door was locked," Young recalled.

That's when Young saw a second young man still inside the house.

"He was saying 'help! help! help!' so I started kicking in the front door. And I was shouldering the front door and I didn't' finish it off."

Just as Young was having a hard time breaking down the door, two good Samaritans, Tobin and Logan, were around the corner working on a house when one of the guys looked up and saw smoke then immediately took off.

"There was a kid yelling 'help' and he was trying to break the door down in the front of the house and there was another kid inside the house that couldn't get out," Logan Baum said.

"Logan and myself kicked in the door and Andrew pulled him out," said Tobin Hodson.

"The kid's roommate - the first kid who came out - if it wasn't for him yelling help, I wouldn't have gotten the second kid out. So he's a hero as well," Young added.

Some firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation.

There is no word on the cause.