Taste Test: Robinsons Fruit Shoots

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It's a new way to drink your favorite fruit juices. It's called Fruit Shoot, four different flavored juices that come in a sporty-looking bottle.

For this Taste Test, Newswatch 16 headed to Lackawanna State Park to see what kids thought of the drink.

If you're looking for a new drink on the go, you might want to check out Robinsons new Fruit Shoots that come in four different flavors.

All four flavors are juice drinks that are made from concentrate and come in a new sporty bottle that makes it mess-free and convenient to take anywhere.

They come in strawberry-raspberry, apple, orange, and berry burst.

We took the new bottled juice drinks to Lackawanna State Park and were greeted by kids eager to try the new cool looking drinks.

"So you just tried the new Robinsons Fruit Shoot. You tried the apple flavor. Tell me what you thought about it."

"It was actually really good," said Kerilyn Pon.

"What was so good about it?"

"It just tastes like apple juice."

Kristian Pon tried out the strawberry-raspberry fruit shoot.

"What are the flavors that you taste?"

"Well, you don't really taste the raspberry as much, but you taste the strawberry a lot," said Kristian.

Next up: berry burst.

"It tastes like grape juice. I like grape soda and grape juice and its better than that compared to," said John-David Kirby, from New York.

"I play a lot of sports and that's good to take with you," John-David added.

Our last fruit shoot was the orange flavor.

"It tastes really better than, like, soda."

"Why does it taste better than soda?"

"Because it's, like there's, like, sugar a little, and there's orange, and I love oranges," said Anna Lima.

"It's like a sports kind of drink just to carry for somewhere like vacation if you do a sport there," Anna added.

The new Robinsons Fruit Shoots ended up being a huge hit at Lackawanna State Park.

We found them at Gerrity's for .99 cents a bottle.