Making Dangerous Buildings Safe

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MAHANOY CITY -- It’s a problem that just about every community has: dilapidated buildings.

A structure that collapsed in Mahanoy City late last month is being made safe.  The building on Railroad Street partially collapsed last month, creating big concerns in the neighborhood.

The borough is spending $9,000 for the men to take the rest of it down.

Neighbor Paul Markiewicz said that puts his mind at ease.

"Everybody knew it was going to come down. There was heavy rains the two nights before, really not surprised, nobody got hurt. It's one less thing to worry about. It could have fallen through our house. The way it is now it fell into an abandoned house's yard, most of it."

A bulge appeared in the structure's side in June.

Neighbor Francis Chesko said his family have been keeping track of the building's condition through photographs.

"It's an eyesore and it's no good for my building getting leaks from it and all that stuff. It's about time."

Mahanoy City officials say a double block on the borough's main drag is the next one to go.  The building was condemned and there is even a warning sign for firefighters that the structure is unsafe.

You can see even more problems with the building from Pat Kurdinsky's back yard. Kurdinsky said she's glad to hear the structure next door is next on the demolition list.

"I am really fearful. I am afraid it's going to go through my house, or hurt me or my grandchild who I baby sit during the summer."

Mahanoy City officials say they'd rather be spending the money on community projects, such as parks, but they have no choice but spend it to get rid of dangerous buildings in the community.