A Different Kind Of ATM Withdrawal

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VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- A woman from Montour County is accused of stealing about $84,000 from a money machine she was supposed to be filling each day.

The Exxon gas station and convenience store on Route 54 near Danville is a popular stop for travelers. There's a Subway and an ATM, and for the past several years, according to state police, the ATM has been a little light on cash. Investigators say one woman took about $84,000.

According to court papers, Leighow Oil noticed the money was missing after an audit and the investigation focused on one employee.

"They contacted the police immediately upon determining that this money was missing. As the investigation ensued, it was determined it was a lot more money. They were very upset," said Montour County District Attorney Rebecca Warren.

D.A. Warren says Tracy Truesell, 51, of Danville told state police she stole from the ATM when she was short on money.

Court papers say Truesell admitted to troopers she forged deposits and instead, made unauthorized withdrawals for her own benefit.

Truesell is no longer employed by Leighow Oil.

According to court papers, Truesell was supposed to be putting money back into an ATM at the place she worked along Route 54 outside Danville. Police say over five or six years, she would sometimes take out $20 dollars. Other times $400 or $500, racking up more than $80,000 in thefts.

"Instead of loading the ATM machine, she was keeping the money for herself," said Warren.

According to court papers, Truesell was the only one who had a key to the automatic teller machine.

Truesell is charged with theft, forgery, and related counts  and is expected back in court later this month.