Cleaning Up After Sunday’s Storm

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POINT TOWNSHIP -- Sunday's storm only lasted for a few minutes, but it was enough time to cause major damage to Neil Mertz's house near Northumberland.

"We were in the kitchen just having some snacks and the wind blew and that happened," Mertz said.

Crews spent most of the day removing tree branches from Mertz's house. He plans to remove the entire tree from his front yard, which is something he says he wanted to do for years.

"It's got a lot of damage. It will take a whole new front porch. There's probably some damage on top that we don't know about," Mertz said.

The storm also caused a lot of damage to a business in Sunbury. The wind actually peeled back part of the roof at Sun-Re Cheese. It was business as usual at Sun-Re Cheese on Lenker Street in Sunbury. Employees say day-to-day operations were not affected by the storm damage. Several bricks fell off the building, and a large part of the roof peeled back.

Just a few blocks away, PPL crews worked to restore power to several houses on Walnut Street.

Kirby Wolf was not home during the storm.

"Our next door neighbor called and said that we had quite a bit of damage done to the house," Wolf said.

Wolf says part of his aluminum roof blew onto a telephone pole.

"The main structure of roof on the other side is gone. That's basically what is here. And across the road if you look on top of the roof," Wolf said.

Crews say they will spend most of this week cleaning up storm damage in parts of central Pennsylvania, including Snyder County.

The majority of PPL customers have their power back.