Penn State Football Player Leading The Charge In The Fight Against Kidney Cancer

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SCRANTON --- A Penn State football player is leading the charge in the fight against kidney cancer.

It was Penn State night at Waldorf Park Tiki Bar on East Mountain in Scranton Saturday night.

The fundraiser was organized by Penn State's offensive lineman, Eric Shrive.

The event, which featured Penn State items and a basket raffle, benefits "Lift For Life", an organization started by Shrive in 2003 to help in the fight against kidney cancer.

"My uncle is affected by kidney cancer and I just always think in my position as a Penn State football player, its just an obligation to give back to the community," said Eric Shrive.

In his time at Penn State, Shrive has raised $76,000 for Lift For Life.

His goal is to raise a total of $100,000 for the organization by the end of his college career.