Matt McGloin Home From Raiders Mini-Camp

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Matt McGloin works out at Lakeland high-school with his old strength and conditioning coach from West Scranton high-school Meade Beebe. Matt is home on break from the Oakland Raiders mini-camp.

"It's exciting to be part of a great organization to be competing with great guys and professionals on a daily basis is something you dream of as a child and for now for it to be a reality is great. You can continue to show up each and everyday work hard and make the best of it," said Matt McGloin.

The Raiders liked what they saw in Matt and signed him to a two-year contract in May. McGloin is coming off a terrific season at Penn State where he threw for over 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns-leading the Big Ten.

"Everybody talks about the speed of the game. Talk about what you're seeing first hand at the pro level? Absolutely it's a different breed of cat up there. You've got guys that have been in the league for 8 years-10 years they know exactly what they're doing. Their not going to mess up-their constantly in the right position. So it's definitely an adjustment, but at the same time you want to accept that challenge and prove to yourself your capable of playing at level and happy to be doing it." added Matt.

Matt might be the chief now working out with these kids on the Lakeland football team, but when he gets back to camp July 24th in Napa Valley he'll be competing with four other quarterbacks at Raiders camp.

"We all have a healthy relationship with one another-constantly bouncing questions off one another, ideas all trying to improve each others game," again said Matt.

McGloin's play won't make head coach Dennis Allen's decision any easier on picking a starting quarterback. The Raiders quarterbacks in fold include Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor, and fellow rookie Tyler Wilson from Arkansas.

"I'm just trying to be prepared mentally be prepared physically got out there and do the best that I can just take it one rep at a time and one day at a time," again said Matt.

Oakland is chasing Denver and Peyton Manning in the AFC West. The Raiders first pre-season game August 9th with Dallas.