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‘Ambassa-dog’ Lentil has Local Tie

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP – Lentil, born with a cleft lip and pallet, landed in the arms of foster mom Lindsay Condefer and Street Tails Animal Rescue.

"We specialize in special needs animals so whenever a case like that comes up I can`t say no. That`s where my heart is," said Condefer.

Lindsay now lives in Philadelphia, but grew up right here in the Mount Cobb area. After 13 years of experience with special needs rescues, she know Lentil’s condition was delicate and made a Facebook page to keep track of his health and progress.

"I just wanted a way to kind of celebrate every day and just you know, getting through one day was the biggest accomplishment,” said Condefer.

Surgery fixed his pallet, but the lip was considered cosmetic. This feature drew a huge following from children facing similar image issues.

"Children themselves that have gone through it and they`re all relating to this dog, and it really it hit me. There`s our meaning and right there`s our mission,” said Condefer.

Now at the age of only about five months, Lentil has helped thousands through Facebook while continuing his own road to recovery.

Lentil has officially partnered with a group that helps give confidence to kids with facial image issues – becoming an ‘ambassa-dog.’

Condefer’s father who currently lives in Lackawanna County couldn’t be more impressed with his daughter’s and Lentil’s new mission.

"I cannot tell you how proud we are, her mom and I, just wonderful what she`s doing helping saving a life of a dog and what she`s doing for the children especially for the children,” said Paul Condefer.

Foster mom Lindsay hopes Lentil’s powerful positive message continues reaching those who need it most.

"It`s ok that we`re different, one day I hope that these children can walk down the street and people won`t do a double take,” said Condefer.

Lentil’s foster mom is also helping raise money for kids with similar issues so they can attend an annual retreat. You can learn more about that mission at the following links:

The pup is also making an appearance tonight at Sophianna’s Ice Cream Shop in Hamlin.

If you want to take a look at Lentil's Facebook page click here.

To donate money to the CCA Kids Fund follow this link.