Two Drown in Susquehanna River in Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- The Fourth of July holiday turned to tragedy when two people drowned in Clinton County. A third person with them had to be rescued.

It was along the Susquehanna River in Lock Haven that authorities say Roland Richmond, 58, and Alecia Frye, 50, both of Lock Haven, drowned.

Emergency responders say Richmond, Frye and Richmond's fiancée were tubing on the Susquehanna River in Lock Haven for the Fourth of July holiday.

“The three individuals started at the amphitheater in the city of Lock Haven, tried to cross the river to get to the Lockport side, Woodward Township. From there, I believe the current, combined with the high water, they were unable to make it to the shore and they went over the dam,” said Dunnstown Fire Company Assistant Chief Mike Fetzer.

Richmond and Frye lost their tubes and got caught in the dam.

Richmond's fiancée was rescued from the river by people nearby.

“There were two individuals that actually jumped into the water and got to her first. They got the one victim to shore,” said Dunnstown Fire Company Chief Justin Baker.

One family from Loganton noticed the river was high and took precautions while kayaking.

“Are we sure we want to go in? This current looks high and said, well, we'll just stay close to shore,” said Marty Meiser.

Fire crews say with the hot temperatures to come over the next few days, they expect more people will try to cool off in the Susquehanna.

“If you're going to go in the water, I recommend not going in the water. If you do, try to wear your life jackets and just be safe. If you're going to get in the water, try not to get in the rapid areas,” said Chief Baker.

The Clinton County Coroner's Office says the victims' families were notified and that alcohol was not involved.