Gasoline Prices Below National Average

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There are a lot of people traveling this July 4th holiday.  A spokesman for Triple A said the national average price for gasoline  is nearly $3.50 a gallon.  A quick survey in Schuylkill County shows prices cheaper.

We checked out several gas stations in Schuylkill County. They are all below the national average of 3.48 a gallon.  Experts said that's due in part to a gas surplus and people traveling less.

D. J Fredricks fills up in Tamaqua. He said he's taking his family camping for the July 4th holiday and welcomes the lower price.

"It helps out a little bit better, with the mileage I get every little bit helps ."

James Vilchak said he has noticed the drop in prices at the pump too.

"I remember paying more toward the end of winter, they keep coming up with excuses, this refinery is shut down this one needs to be upgraded we're switching to different blends of summer gas but to me it's just a racket ."

Ramin Basari is traveling to New York state. Basari said gas prices in Pennsylvania are a bargain compared to where he lives, Virginia.

"It was about $3.60 probably, we had some gas down further and it was about $3.30 that's so it's pretty good ."

While James Vilchak fills his car he remembers what gas prices used to be.

"The lowest I  can remember it was .95 cents about 24 years ago ."

Others can remember  40 years ago when the prices of gasoline was it was .37cents a gallon.