Milton Community Pool Closed Over Holiday Weekend

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People in one part of Northumberland County must find a new place to swim this weekend. The Milton Community Pool is closed over the 4th of July weekend.

Instead of water, the Milton Community Pool is now filled with hoses and dirt. Crews had to make emergency repairs this week on the pool in Milton.

"We found a leak underneath the circular line in the shallow end of the pool. It looks like it froze over the winter and broke the plastic pipe that was under the concrete," Milton Director of Public Works, Sam Shaffer said.

Officials say the Milton Community Pool was losing around 25,000 gallons of water per day. Had they stayed open for the rest of the summer without fixing this pipe, the extra water would have cost the borough around $35,000.

"This is one we couldn't let go. We were losing way too much water," Shaffer said.

Even though officials say the repairs were necessary, they come at a bad time for swimmers in Milton: hot weather combined with a holiday weekend! The pool will be closed thru the weekend.

"It's going to be really hot out and I would like to cool down somewhere and go swimming up at the Milton Pool this summer," Robert Brown said.

"I like going to the pool with my cousin because it's hot out," Austin Mitch said.

Lori Zerbe lives two blocks away from the Milton Community Pool.

"We are kind-of disappointed that the pool isn't open. My grandkids came in from Ohio and we haven't been able to go swimming. They were looking forward to going swimming at grandma's house," Zerbe said.

Officials in Milton expect the pool to open again on Monday.