Family Restaurant Closing for Good

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- A family run restaurant in Lycoming County will serve its final meal this weekend.

Fox's Family Restaurant has been around for a half a century.

Its beloved bakery kept folks coming back all those years.

And now the family run restaurant will close its doors Saturday. Owner Tim Fox said the restaurant is not getting the business it once did.

"We've scratched our heads and wondered why because we feel we've given them a real good homemade product," said Fox.

Fox said the decision to close was a difficult one to make but claims these days, the younger generation is choosing to eat at chain restaurants.

"We kind of fell victim we feel to the chains, they say there's another five restaurants coming to our area. The pressure's just getting turned up," he said.

Bonnie Steiger has worked in the kitchen at Fox's for 40 years and said the business has been more like a family, customers and employees included.

"It is sad, really. I was sad to hear it," said Steiger.

The Folk family, all three generations, wouldn't miss the chance to have one last meal at Fox's and pose for a photo with their favorite waitress.

"She has been so wonderful over the years, we just love her," said Carl Folk of Williamsport.

So before Fox's closes its doors and about 35 employees go with it, the restaurant's longtime diners are coming to enjoy one final meal, together.

"It's heartbreaking, literally, it's such a part of our life, and the community," said Carol Karschner of Muncy. "It's going to be missed, greatly missed."