Burglars Caught On Camera

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State police are looking for 2 men who broke into 2 businesses over the weekend in Carbon County. The businesses are in the same building and the bandits were caught on camera.

The burglars were caught on security cameras inside Lorenzo's Pizza in Bowmanstown early Monday morning. They got into the place on Lincoln Avenue through a window, then tried to pry open a cash register. When that didn't work they scooped up the machine. Then before leaving they left, they also grabbed some beer.

The business had to replace the register at a cost of $600.00 Owner Alex Cozzi believes the bandits were customers.

"I am sure they were casing us, they came in for pizza before, I am sure they know the area. They know the place very well." Cozzi said.

State police believe the same men also broke into the business next door.  Since Saturday morning's burglary at Bz Bee Food Store, the owners have put steel bars on the doors and windows.  Co-owner Penna Patel said the burglars stole a lot.

"Lottery tickets, all register money and cartons of cigarettes ."

Back at Lorenzo's  customer Will Yesik said he was  shocked to hear about the break-ins.

"It's pretty rotton.  Throw them all behind bars every one of them that's what i would do!."

Customer Bryan Hartman said he's not surprised to hear about the crimes.

"I think we're going to be putting up with a lot more of this because of what the economy is. It's uncalled for what they're doing, but people nowadays can't afford anything anymore and there is going to be stealing and robbing going on ."

State police ask if you know anything about the break-ins at the Bz Bee food store or Lorenzo's Pizza to give them a call.