Wyoming Seminary Summer Wrestling Camp

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Summer wrestling camp is heating up at Wyoming Seminary. Dozens of kids are listening and learning to some of the best coaches in the country.

"We've already had Troy Letters in from Clarion, who's really trying to put that program back on the map. With me growing up in the 80's it was a really great program. He is doing a great job there recruiting Pennsylvania kids and he had the #9 recruiting class in the country. I also have a guy John Jiache-a very good friend of mine. He coaches up at a local high-school in Union Endicott in New York-a great clinician. Also Rocky Bonomo coming in tomorrow-lighter guys this year for sure," said Scott Green.

Last year Joe Rovelli and Rocky Bonomo joined Scott Green's staff here at Wyoming Seminary and got to travel around the United States to some of the best high-school wrestling tournaments. Now both are back here giving their time at camp.

"Ty let's get more physical with that snap down-alright," said Joe Rovelli.

"We have five guys ranked in the top 20 in the country-so it's definitely great experience getting to work with these guys. They come in and they already know a lot and then with me coming from a Division I background to be able to work with these guys at a high level is just amazing," added Joe.

Ty White is a senior wrestler at Seminary. Last year he finished third in the country, now he is striving for more, and thinks a week at this camp could be the difference.

"Coach Green brings in great people. You get great opportunities. Yesterday we had Troy Letters in. He was a runner-up at the NCAA'S. You don't really get better coaches than that in here and to bring them to our gym is a great thing," said Ty White.

"Sweep across the mat and come up to your knees," said John Jiache.

At Seminary you strive for excellence. 26 All-Americans have graduated from this program in the last three years.