Trying to Stay Dry in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- Speaking of the rain, the threat of flash floods continues today in many parts of our area. The pictures we are about to show you from Luzerne County will demonstrate just how dangerous sudden high water can be.

This the kind of heavy rain that the Nanticoke area had Thursday. So much water that, in this cell phone video shot by a WNEP employee, you can see crews had to rescue a 73-year-old woman from her car along Alden Mountain Road.

Police say she's okay, but people living nearby in Nanticoke are still trying to get dry.

"Brooms and squeegies and piece and piece, we got it back to working. I just don't want to go through it again if I don't have to," said Joe Hrobak, of Nanticoke.

Joe Hrobak's home and business flooded when nearby Forge Creek overflowed. He says the creek causes these homes at the end of West Union street to flood frequently and they're sick of it.

"This was Thursday."

Chrissy Tolodzieski keeps track of the water marks in her basement. She says the creek has gotten wider over the years and now runs up against her property.

"The water heater, the gas tanks. Everything is damaged," said Chrissy Tolodzieski, of Nanticoke.

Nanticoke City Manager Pamela Heard says the city took debris and deadwood out of the creek last year. But dredging it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. They applied for a county grant six months ago and are waiting to hear back.

"Unless you have some type of financing to continually bring in heavy construction equipment and remove the silt and dirt that accumulate, it's just the nature of a creek," said Nanticoke City Manager Pamela Heard.

The water in this creek is already at ground level and people are concerned that with more rain expected this week, this water will just keep washing into their yards and basements over and over again.

"Now it's supposed to rain again. Who knows what is happening? Nobody is helping us," said Tolodzieski.

Neighbors say there is a city council meeting tomorrow night in Nanticoke, where they plan to talk to officials about the problem.