Thieves Steal from Midget Baseball League

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State police are looking for the person who broke into the concession stand owned by the West Milton Midget Baseball League. The thief or thieves got away with the cash register and items that were sentimental to the baseball team.

Even though their season is over, kids in the West Milton Midget Baseball League played a game of catch. Their coaches noticed the league's concession stand at West Milton Memorial Park was broken into early last week.

"I didn't know what to think. First thing I did I checked to make sure nobody was still in there, then I called nick, the president of the league and had him take it from there," Matt Konyar said.

The coaches say the concession stand's door was knocked off its foundation. The cash register was missing, along with these two trophies.

"The kids went through a lot to earn those trophies," Nick Riccio said.

The children say they worked hard to earn those trophies.

"I just feel terrible. Who would even break into a concession stand just to do that," Noelle Reichard asked.

It's not just that there are things missing from the concession stand. There is a lot of damage to the outside of the building. Someone tried to break in through the front of the building, and when that didn't work, they went over to the side of the concession stand and tried to pry off this piece of wood.

"It was a really disgusting feeling. It was just unreal. Who would steal from the kids like that? It's just not right," Konyar said.

League president Nick Riccio says the trophies were found a few days later on someone's back porch near Milton, but that is not the point.

"Why would someone steal from kids? It's pretty obvious with the ball field and the signs that it's a baseball league for kids. To come in and try to break in and steal stuff from these kids is just ridiculous," Riccio said.

If you have any information on the theft, you are asked to call state police.