Recipe for Success at Sixteen

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ORWELL TOWNSHIP – There’s a new baker in town in Bradford County and her breads and sweet treats are hitting the spot for many across Northeastern PA. The teenager from Orwell Township has found the secret for success at age sixteen
“I wanted to do this ever since I was a little girl,” said Rishel, owner of Blue Roof Bakery.

Mixing up ingredients, cutting and weighing dough – it’s all part of Jessie Rishel’s dream that she ‘baked up’ here in Orwell Township near Wysox. The 16-year old just opened her own business making pies, breads and sweet treats after already finishing high school.

“About two years ago I met a master baker and I`ve been training under him ever since, so he`s been helping me with this also,” said Rischel.

“This past winter we were driving home from work and she said If I weren’t 16 I’d like to have my own business and I said there`s nothing to prevent you from doing that,” said father Paul Rishel.

The Bradford County teen paid for this entire bakery by selling fresh handmade Christmas Wreaths, a price tag of about $14,000 dollars.

Jessie said her first month of business here at the Blue Roof Bakery has been successful even in its rural location. She says it`s mostly because her products are so unique, they`re almost all gluten-free.

“That`s what my boss kind of taught me to specialize in, I picked it up and I really liked it and my family is mostly gluten-free also,” said Rishel.

So far she’s had customers call from as far away as Maine. Rishel’s Dad avoids gluten to help manage his arthritis pain. He says his daughter’s baked goods hit the spot.

“I have a sweet tooth, and she can bake pies and cakes and all the good things that a lot of people who are gluten-free miss,” said Paul Rishel.

Rishel sells a few hundred dollars worth of goods each week.

"I’d say it’s doing well for just getting going,” said Rishel.

It’s the perfect mixture for this teen who is pretty proud of what she’s baked up so far.

The Blue Roof Bakery is open Mondays one to 5pm along Hall Road near Wysox. You can pick up her breads near Wysox at Russell Sprouts Farm or Shore Sisters.