Officials: Building More Dangerous

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SHAMOKIN -- That double block home in Shamokin which partially collapsed yesterday, gave way some more this morning.  That prompted city officials to move up their plans to tear down the condemned structure.

Elaine Kramer of Shamokin surveys whats left of a double block house next to the home she has lived in for 13 years.

It partially collapsed yesterday and within 24 hours more of the building on West Spruce Street came tumbling down. Kramer said she heard it go.

"I was upstairs and I could hear wood, cracking and snapping and then I heard a crash and then I knew it came down again."

Although city officials have told Elaine Kramer is in danger, she doesn't think so for now.

"This is silly but the more that comes down I feel safer, at least it's down. It`s close to my house it's leaning against it, it's not in my house yet so that`s a good thing." Kramer explained.

Bob Waters said he's concerned about his Mother-In-Law.

"Well we're worried about future collapse, it has quite a bit of weight on it and we would like to get something done about that, too ."

Late word from City Hall there is  such an emergency that bids are being awarded and equipment could be on the scene as early as Wednesday.

Thousands of state dollars the city received will be used for demolition. Councilman Craig Rhoades said that means other projects could be postponed.

"We're going to have to cut something else back maybe some street paving and other repairs we had in mind because there is just no way we can leave this, the city has the responsibility, like I said the city got left holding the bag ."

City officials say the man who lived here died a few years ago. They say the home was already in bad shape then and  has only gotten worse.