Dogs Attack: Neighbor Credited With Saving Life

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CLIFTON TOWNSHIP---State police said 77-year-old Anthony Wilson of Clifton Township, Lackawanna County was about to get in his truck just after ten Tuesday morning when two dogs, which police are identifying as pit bulls, ran into Wilson's yard and started to attack.

Wilson's neighbor, Tim Harte, was in his yard working on a tractor when he heard a cry.

"The next thing I know I hear you know the blood curdling screams and the dogs were attacking him, so I had no idea where they came from, I had never seen them before," said Harte.

Harte said he drove his tractor over and found Wilson trying to hide under his truck, the dogs pulling him out, biting his face, hands, legs.

"I didn't even think about it, I just jumped off the tractor, got my gun out started to get the dogs off of him and then they started to turn and head towards me, there was nothing else I could do but put them down. "

Investigators said Harte shot and killed both dogs, then started to help his neighbor.

Wilson was taken to a hospital, with bites to his legs, hands, torso, shoulder and face.

A state police corporal said one bite was about 5 inches long.

Police said it is clear to them Tim Harte saved his neighbor's life.

Harte said he did not think twice and he is just glad he was there to help.

"I run around most of the time in a wheelchair or a scooter, I have a very bad back, that's why I didn't walk up or run up, I had to take the tractor, but for years I was a target shooter so I have a lot of experience in shooting, so. "

Investigators said charges against the dogs owner are pending.

Wilson was listed in stable condition in the hospital Tuesday night.