Flood Warning In Towanda Area

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TOWANDA TOWNSHIP---In Towanda Township, Bradford County, things have been very soggy.

Rain storms have hit the area several times in the past few days.

Monday night, a township crew cleared rocks after heavy raiun flooded a roadway.

Some people said they are downright sick of all the precipitation.

"I`m worried about some of the people that live in the lower lying areas right now," said Keith Kinsman of nearby Wysox Township.

Locals said Towanda Creek is up high, moving fast.

It has flooded before and they can only hope it does not go over its banks again.

"We`ve had what? Almost 3 or 4 days of this stuff, so for some people it`s going to be areal problem. For me, I have electricity, I don`t have any flood damage in my basement so I`m in pretty good shape," said Joseph Dupont of Towanda Township.

A flash flood warning was issued for the Towanda area Monday night.