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Flooding in Hawley Photo Gallery

Posted on: 7:24 pm, June 30, 2013, by , updated on: 07:28pm, June 30, 2013

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  • This is at the intersection of Hudson, Rockyview Drive, and Route 590. The sides of the roads washed away on Rockyview causing a river down the side of the road and under the pavement.

  • Road washing away in the intersection.

  • Looking downhill on Chestnut Ave in Hawley at the broken roadway.

  • The road edge was washed away slightly heading up Wangum Ave in Hawley leading up to the cemetery.

  • Blocked underground pipes on Rocky View forced water through the roadside flooding at least one home and sending water into several other basements.

  • Route 590

  • Flooding during rain on Sunday.

  • Hawley: Chestnut Avenue

  • Downtown Hawley

  • Hawley: Main Avenue

  • Hawley: Main Avenue

  • Hawley: Main Avenue

  • Ambulance in flooding in Hawley

  • Hawley: Prospect Street

  • Hawley: Prospect Street

  • Hawley: The Lackawaxen

  • Hawley

Hawley was pummeled with rain causing flash flooding all throughout the borough. To make it worse, there’s a chance of rain for our area every day this week.

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