Fireworks Sales Booming in Great Bend

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GREAT BEND -- As the Fourth of July approaches, Mess's Fireworks in Susquehanna County is practically exploding with pyrotechnics.

Cartons of things to light up the sky are stacked to the rafters, and customers carts are crammed.

"You want to celebrate, it is a party, and it's pretty cool," said John Thierfelder.

However, what shoppers can buy depends on where they live.

Pennsylvania customers are limited to sparklers, fountains, and ground spinners. Anything that shoots into the air requires a permit signed by an official in the community where you live.

"Take it to a fire chief, a mayor, a superintendent, and you can get one and buy anything you want," said Melissa McHugh, the manager.

When we visited we could not find a single customer from the Commonwealth. Every customer in the store was from New York State where all consumer fireworks are illegal.

McHugh said she hopes all of her customers will keep safety in mind as they celebrate.

"You just have to be really careful and prepared and know what you are doing before you set fire works off," said Mchugh.