Storm Cleanup in the Back Mountain of Luzerne County

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- People in parts of Luzerne County spent Friday cleaning up after storms the night before. Emergency management officials say Nanticoke and parts of the Back Mountain were hit especially hard.

No water along Harris Hill road in Kingston Township now, but it certainly left its mark. Debris lays at the bottom of people's driveways, and now public works crews are moving stones to prevent the stream from overflowing in case of more flash flooding.

Nancy Graver just managed to get her car through this road while the rain was still coming down.

"Water broke through the pavement and the water was shooting up like geysers all over the road," said Graver, of Kingston Township.

With the road closed Friday morning, crews worked to strengthen the bank along the seemingly calm creek that wasn't so calm just hours earlier. Crews say the creek washed out the road because the pipe there was too small to handle all the water.

"They actually looked like white caps. There were streams, jets of foamy water coming up," said Graver.

Graver says she's lived here for almost 40 years and has never seen anything like it before.

"It was like driving through the ocean. Truly."

Crews hope that if another storm comes through the area, these stones will keep the water at bay. For now, the holes in the road will remain.