Clinton County: After the Storm

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BEECH CREEK---Rescue crews spent all day on the water in Clinton County searching for 86-year-old Claude Rupert of Beech Creek Township.

They said Rupert was swept into flood waters of nearby Sugar Run Creek during Thursday night's severe weather.

His family said he was out in the storm.

"He went out to get his four-wheeler, he had that and the shed swung around and knocked him off and from there he went down," said Rupert's sister-in-law, Jane Lucas.

The Beech Creek area was slammed with several inches of rain Thursday night, swelling creeks and streams, flooding roadways and homes.

Officials said the storm caused millions of dollars in damage.

"Certainly our prayers go out to those who have lot property and we've heard issues of people missing and my prayers go out with them and hopefully everyone comes out the best they can," said Beech Creek Mayor Justin Kline.

Folks spent the day pulling belongings out of their homes, water drenched furniture, clothing, toys, many still in shock.

"There was water in the back, it was almost like small waterfalls. It was really bad," said Paula Arvin of Beech Creek Township.

"It came pretty quick. There was no warning, no warning at all really. When it hit, it hit and it was coming down hard," agreed Skip Erb of Beech Creek Township.

According to his office, Governor Corbett toured flood-damaged areas from the air Friday, including Clinton County.

Clinton County leaders have declared it a disaster area.