Catholic Store “The Guild” Set to Close

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SCRANTON -- The Diocese of Scranton announced Friday it will close its long-time church goods store in downtown Scranton.

The Guild Studio Store on Wyoming Avenue will close on August 31st.

The diocese said it's one of the few remaining diocesan-owned church goods stores in the country, but it has been operating at a loss for five years.

In a statement, Bishop Bambera said, “Following an in-depth review of our structures, including our buildings, offices and programs, we are confident that this plan will both support our responsibility to be good stewards of our resources and allow us to continue to serve our parishes and people.”

"My vision has been rooted in the understanding that if we are going to gain profound spiritual renewal, we must be committed to change some priorities, reallocate resources and reorganize and retool diocesan services. It is my greatest hope that by bringing together strong parish structures, the result will be more growing, life-giving and vibrant parishes in the future.”

The building is now for sale.