Traffic, Pedestrian Upgrades In Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- If you're heading into the heart of downtown Stroudsburg make sure you give yourself a little extra time. PennDOT is working to upgrade traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks.

Main Street where Route 209 and 191 intersect in downtown Stroudsburg is the most recent site of construction.

PennDOT is upgrading traffic signals to ease traffic congestion, and also upgrading pedestrian crosswalks, upgrades that have some people happy and others not so much.

It's a busy construction zone with crews tearing apart street corners behind bright orange construction signs and barricades.

It's part of a $3 million PennDOT project to upgrade traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks. The end result: to make traffic flow easier through town and make it easier for pedestrians to get around as well.

"It's going to make it safer, I think, for people and easier to travel back and forth," said Mark Cheatham.

Cheatham decided to ride his bike to work this week. He and others using sidewalks and crosswalks must dodge the construction.

It's something Janice Goren is also being forced to do.

"I feel it's an inconvenience, but I feel it's going to help people. It's going to make it easier for handicapped people crossing the street and I have bad knees so it helps me, too."

Construction on pedestrian crosswalks and traffic signals started in May and all the work will be done by September. Which means, for drivers and pedestrians, getting around town, will be a lot easier."

However, some Stroudsburg businesses aren't happy with all the construction, all at once, all in one area.

Neil Goldman, the owner of Total Home Health Care, says the construction,   while it's needed, is negatively impacting his business.

"I also feel they should have done one area at a time because it's absolutely murdering everyone's business all the way up and down Main Street."

A PennDOT spokesperson says the work is happening in Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Stroud Township.

Work expected to be complete by September.