South Williamsport Lions Club All-Star Football Game

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DANVILLE -- Danville head coach Jim Keiser conducts practice for his South squad. 29 football players from the southern part of District IV are preparing for Friday nights all-star game.

"Oh. It's awesome getting to know these kids that you play against every Friday night you really don't get to know them during the season know you get to know them. It's a lot of fun. Their great kids," said Jim Keiser.

Three quarterbacks lead the south. Taylor Young from Southern Columbia, Jordan Thivierge from Central Columbia, and Line Mountain quarterback Cole Rickert. His next stop after Friday night across the Market Street bridge to Lycoming College.

"We had a pretty good season. We finally gave Southern a run which we haven't done the last couple of years, and it's going to be good. I know a lot of fans are coming up-the coaches are bringing a lot of the kids up that are playing this year. It will be fun to play in front of the fans one more time," said Cole Rickert.

The one player that's been standing out in the 5 practices for the South has been Harley Stahl from Selinsgrove. He is heading to play football at Bloomsburg University in the fall, and according to Coach Keiser he should be a beast from that defensive tackle position on Friday night.

"It feels pretty good. I'm glad to be on their team. I feel like we're unstoppable. So I'm feeling pretty good right now," said Harley Stahl.

"It's been really fun these first two days of practice. Hoping we can get a win Friday which I think is definitely possible. I think we got a great team, and it is great here having my head coach knowing all the plays that we're running," said Bret Berg.

Kickoff is set for 7pm Friday night June 28th, 2013 at Rodney Morgans Stadium in South Williamsport, Lycoming County.