Severe Weather in Clinton County

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BEECH CREEK TOWNSHIP---On Route 150 in Beech Creek Township near Mill Hall, crews worked to clear an area washed away by flood water.

A car was forced into a guiderail and a driver had to be rescued.

Just down the road, a family struggled to save what they could as water from a normally small stream surrounded their home.

The family horse had to be saved when water reached its belly.

"I tell you what, this is the worst I've ever seen it, never been like this before, so, I don't know," Tom Klinefelter.

Tom Klinefelter fell into the water up to his neck and had to be pulled to safety.

"My husband and I, well he went down down there and I had a heck of a time getting him back up," said Gloria Klinefelter.

Throughout the area, properties were flooded, roadways covered, too.

County emergency officials said at least 3 bridges were washed out and several people had to be rescued from their homes and vehciles.

Some described the weather as unreal.

"It just came up so fast, in the last hour, hour and a half two hours, it is just coming out everywhere, my boat floated away, my 17 foot boat, we had to catch it and tie it, this is a 17 foot boat," said Gloria Klinefelter.