More Than 100 Noisy Neighbors Cited in Hazleton

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HAZLETON – Police say more than 100 residents have been cited for making too much noise, after city officials beefed up an anti-noise ordinance earlier this year.

Police Chief Frank DeAndrea told Newswatch 16 that officers have been instructed to issue citations instead of warnings for people accused of making excessive noise in their home, apartment, backyard or garage.

DeAndrea said the zero-tolerance policy has been deterring people from being too noisy, which he says is helping to improve the quality of life in Hazleton.

The five-page ordinance outlaws sounds and noises like revving engines, loud televisions and music speakers, and even excessive barking dogs, that can be heard for extended periods of time by neighbors.

Some city residents said the crackdown on neighborhood noise is unfair.

"We walking around on egg shells out here,” said Rochelle Daniels. “"Look at the roads, look at Broad Street, do something about that. You`re worried about somebody making noise, especially if you are in your own backyard? That`s supposed to be your privacy."

Other people said they support the updated ordinance because their noisy neighbors ignored written and verbal warnings.

“It`s uncalled for. If you want to listen to music throughout the day that`s alright. But when you drive down the street and you hear a car a mile away, that`s wrong,” said Jack Covey.

Fines and court costs for first time offenders cost about $100 for people who plead guilty or are convicted by a district magistrate on the summary charge.