Information Session Held for Former Employees

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LOCK HAVEN — More than 100 people in Clinton County are struggling to find jobs after an auto parts company suddenly closed earlier this month.

An information session about benefits and possible job opportunities was held Thursday for former employees of Fenco and Lock Haven distribution.

The Dunnstown Volunteer Fire Company near Lock Haven was filled with around 150 people. All are former employees of Fenwick Automotive and Fenco.

Earlier this month the automotive companies filed for bankruptcy. Everyone who worked at Fenco Technical Center and Lock Haven Distribution suddenly lost their jobs.

“Very shocked. Very heart wrenching,” Terri Kline said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry held an information session for those former employees. Speakers discussed finances, career opportunities and healthcare benefits.

Courtney Andrus and her boyfriend were both laid off. They, like many others, are struggling to find jobs. To top it off, their first child is due next month.

“He’s looking. I’m trying my best but with being pregnant no one will hire me. It’s very hard,” Courtney Andrus said.

Terri Kline worked at Fenco for seven years.

“I have a phone interview this afternoon so we’ll see. It’s always better on the other side. You’ve got to keep positive,” Kline said.

“Looking for a job, yes. That’s all I can do, look for a job,” Robert Miller said.

To make matters worse, some employees say Fenwick Automotive owes them money.

“Especially not getting the last paycheck. That would have helped a lot, instead of waiting for the unemployment check to come, which you only get every two weeks,” Dusty Batschelet said.

Next month Careerlink will host a career fair targeted to these people who recently lost their jobs. The career fair will be at the Lock Haven Hospital on Thursday, July 11 from 1-3:30 p.m.